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imperial potentate of the lunatic fringe

23 August
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13th floor elevators, 1910 fruitgum co., 45rpms, 60s batman, amen corner, aorta (the band), apple (the band), aqua teen hunger force, arthur lee, b-sides, barnes and noble, beck, being antisocial, bert kaempfert, big golden paper clips, checkers fries, cheese, chinua achebe, crap, dave dee & co, dick dale, disco, donna summer, donovan, elektrik phunk tode, family guy, films, flaming youth, flamingo pops, fools gold, frank zappa, freak out!, futurama, gaelic storm, george orwell, happiness, herb alpert, jaan pehechaan ho, jacques tati, jefferson airplane, jimmy smith, john's children, johnny kidd, jon lovitz, katherine harris, kim fowley, lawrence of arabia, les fleur de lys, lindisfarne, link wray, lonnie donegan, lord sitar, los bravos, love, main st. bookshop, manfred mann, marc bolan, mc5, mrs. miller, mrs. mitchell, new colony six, nico, noam chomsky, obscure 60's bands, old man jackets, old people, os mutantes, outsider music, pawn shops, peace in our time, perry como, pierre henry, pingu, pink floyd, prince, public nuisance, ravi shankar, roky erickson, rush, screaming lord sutch, sealab 2021, shooby taylor, silver apples, sky saxon, speech & debate, spirit, status quo, strawberry alarm clock, sweet, the's, the action, the animals, the attack, the beatles, the birds, the blues magoos, the blues project, the boondocks, the byrds, the cowsills, the creation, the easybeats, the electric prunes, the herd, the hollies, the kinks, the magic mushrooms, the monks, the moody blues, the move, the nazz, the nice, the ohio express, the peanut butter conspiracy, the pretty things, the rolling stones, the seeds, the simpsons, the small faces, the smoke, the soft machine, the standells, the stooges, the tages, the troggs, the velvet underground, the village stompers, the yardbirds, the zakary thaks, the zombies, thin lizzy, three dog night, thunderstroms, tom lehrer, torch, ultimate spinach, vivian stanshall, vw busses, we the people, wesley willis, white light, white plains, wings, winston churchill, woody allen